For what is a writer that doesn’t write?

Hello, my name is Mike.  As first sentences go it’s not very eyegrabbing, though Melville started out Moby Dick with ‘Call me Ishmael’ so I guess that’s something.  I’m 33 years old, yet I don’t feel it, except for when music from my high school years gets played as ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’ , sometimes even ‘classic’ rock.    I’ve bounced around many different jobs over the years, including a nice seven year stint in the military.  So I suppose the old phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ truly applies to me.


The one thing that has stuck with me throughout my life, aside from the geek factor, which I’ll get to later, is that I’ve always been a writer.  But I haven’t really written anything up until this point, well I’ve had a livejournal before, back in the pre Facebook, pre Myspace days even, and that was a great outlet, it’s still out there floating in cyberspace if you wish to read it, a pretty detailed saga of the ups, and downs of myself in my early twenties. 


Not a lot has changed since then, well it has but it hasn’t really.   But as I’m now in between jobs, and you can only apply at so many different places, I figure I’ll give the writing game thing a try once again, have some novel ideas working themselves out in my head, but in the meantime I need to write more, about anything,  ‘For what is a writer that doesn’t write?’  Is the title and the overall theme of what I’m getting at in this introduction.  And that is nothing, is the answer.  So I’ll continue to write, about anything and everything that pops up into my head, as this spaghetti project continues to unfold until something sticks.   Come along for the ride, if you wish, I can promise it will be nothing if not random. 



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2 responses to “For what is a writer that doesn’t write?

  1. How’s life as a geek in the military?

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