Writing challenge: Ninja Rabbi

So, earlier, my friend Megan texted me, asking for a story, in specific, a story about a ninja Rabbi and his epileptic turtle sidekick.   Usually I’ll text a story, but this kind of setup can’t be done justice with a text message.  So, I figured this to be my perfect time to challenge myself to a bit of flash fiction.  Not slash fiction…that’s not my style.  But flash fiction, as i’ve recently learned, is a really short story, shorter than a short story even.  I want to say there are word restrictions, to technically be in that category, but I’m just going to write what I can right now, and we’ll see where this goes, eh?


      “Oh, gawd, Oh, gawd, we’re gonna die!”, Sheldon screamed!   Sheldon poked his head out of his shell and saw that he and his friend/partner Murray Rabinowitz, Brooklyn’s own….and only ninja Rabbi, were surrounded by an army of ninjas.  

Murray pulled out his katana blade.  

“No, we’re not Sheldon, calm yourself”, said Murray.

“This is nothing that we can’t handle.”

“Oh, really Ninja Rabbi….You think you can defeat my army!”   Screamed the man known only as the Shadow Walker, his mechanically altered voice echoing throughout the warehouse.”

“Yes, this is nothing, just mountains and molehills.”  Murray said.

“We shall see about that Ninja Rabbi….we shall see….Ninja…..ATAAACCCKK!”

The surrounding ninjas leaped down in a sea of black from the rafters.  

“Gaaaaaahhhh!” screamed Sheldon, who fully retracted into his shell and slid off into a corner quickly.

There was silence soon after, and Sheldon popped his head out of his shell, to see Murray standing in the middle of a circle, more of a pile really, of dead ninjas.  

“You did it, you really did it!” Sheldon exclaimed.   

“Like I said, this is nothing, said Murray.”

“Now for you Mr. high and mighty Shadow walker, two things.  One, your ninjas did not have my skills, and two, my name is not Ninja Rabbi….It’s Murray Rabinowitz….and I’m not a ninja….not anymore, I’m just a rabbi now, and for three, Sheldon, my ninja Stars of David!”

Sheldon ducked back into his shell and tossed three ninja Stars of David at Murray, who swung his katana quickly, hitting the stars like a baseball bat directly at the shadowy figure called the Shadow Walker, pinning him to the wall.  

“So, you think you have me beaten..do you….Ninja…Rabbi.   Well, I have one more trick up my sleeve”  And with his slightly more  free hand, he dropped a strobe light  down to the floor, lighting up everything in a quick, flashy manner.   Sheldon’s eyes flashed in time to the light, and then he started shaking in an epileptic fit.  

“Sheldon, nooooo! ”  Murray swung his sword at the flashing light, but then right at that moment, he saw it wasn’t just a strobe light, but also a bomb, that was ticking down from ten….nine….eight….


Will Ninja Rabbi and Sheldon escape this flash bomb?   Can Sheldon be saved?   Find out next time..in Ninja Rabbi….




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