The Return of Mike’s Blog (or something else equally clever)

  Friends, Romans, followers…. I am back, after a few months of not having a laptop, combined with just not really being inspired to write much of anything, and it’s hard to do a blog on a tablet, so I passed on that.   As soon as I had access to my friend’s laptop I was trying to think of what to write about, review the new Stallone/Schwarzenegger movie that was pretty cool but had they made this like 20-30 years ago in their prime it would have been the most epic movie of that time frame…well I suppose that summed it up right there.    Do I do another short story on the backstory for my Pathfinder character, the more charismatic for his own good Crowley Bloodborne…later on yes, story ideas still forming as I play more sessions with the character.    Or theories on where John Hurt’s Doctor fits in the timeline of Doctor Who?  


  Yes I could have written about all these things, and I still yet may at some point.  But right now this is just about where I’m at now.  About two days ago it was a year that I got out of the United States Navy, to me, was one of the happiest days of my life, to my ex, not so much, since she had wanted more of a responsible adult than I am/was.  I had a few months after that of directionless slacking, followed by a telemarketing gig which, while I met some pretty cool people there, the promise of you could earn $12 an hour was very much a could…if you Jedi mind-tricked enough people to buying magazine subscriptions, yes definitely.  But if you’re not that much of an asshole, then you’ll probably be making like $7.00 an hour, borderline minimum wage, and busting your ass to get that ‘money’.  

 So, after a month of that I found a new gig thanks to a temp agency at ECPI, in their call center.  Now that was a fun job, I really enjoyed my time there, I’d probably still be there if not for the fact that I have a tendency to speak my mind, to whomever I’m speaking to, in this case I was speaking to a customer, badmouthing the school by agreeing with the guy that repeated phone calls were annoying.  My supervisor described the issue as a ‘hey, don’t do that next time, say this instead’ type deal.   And I got that, next time, spin it so the school looks good.  But it turned out that was a firing offense and the next day I got to work and my desk was cleared, name taken off the schedule the whole nine.   Without so much as a phone call or e-mail.  Was the job equivalent to walking in on your significant other with somebody else and they’re like ‘Yeah….we’re broken up now.’ 

Another temp gig followed that, document prep, and when I say temp I mean temp, the project lasted about two weeks before we did enough work to the point where they only needed a few people left over to do the scanning, and I wasn’t one of those lucky few. 

 Follow that up with one of my favorite jobs since working at Blockbuster,  a concierge for a timeshare chain down on the oceanfront here in Virginia Beach.  It was a great gig, the pay was awesome, I got to talk to people all day in a nice shirt and tie about how awesome my city is, and then convince them to go on timeshare tours for me, and I was good at it, not superstar good, but consistent, like mid-card good.  By the end of the summer I’d had 5 tours, 4 out of the 5 had actually bought into it, and all of whom strangely enough had last names that started with the letter ‘B’.   Weird.   I thought I was awesome, but it turns out not awesome enough, so as the summer was drawing to a close, so too was my time with the company.  They fed me a line about how I was an asset, and how I was just transitioning my role to a new department within the company, which I believed at first, when I went down to the career center the next day to fill out an application, and I waited….and waited and waited…til a month later still out of work that I realized that was probably a bunch of crap. 

  So I tell you all of those things to bring you to where I’m at currently,  in training at New York Life to be an insurance agent.  Numbers have never traditionally been my strong suit, and just doing my first study session, it’s a whole new world and a different ballpark then anything I’ve ever done, in my life, but I think that I can do great here.  If you’d have told me twenty years ago that this is where I’d be at in my life, I’d call you crazy, that I was going to be this great filmmaker or something, but life’s got a funny way of pulling better plot twists than M. Night Shamylan…which isn’t really that hard to do, now that I think about it….should’ve thought of a stronger metaphor.   

But I digress, as I embark on this next chapter I can’t help but wonder….what’s next?


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