10 Terms and things I’m glad never to hear again, (after being in the Navy)


  Hello all, 

 As of a few weeks ago it’s been exactly a year since I finished up my time of service, seven years in the Navy, with one deployment, seven visits to Souda Bay, Crete,  2 surprisingly awesome years in Great Lakes, a lot of boredom, a heavy dash of bullshit, and an even heavier dash of bad life choices, it was definitely a life changer.  That being said, there are many terms that one hears on a daily basis that I am glad to never…..as Chris Jericho would say, EEEEVVVVVVERRRR hear….again.   And I thought I’d share a few of those with you, Allons-y

  1. Duty

  2. Muster

 3. Field Day

 4. Hurry up and wait

  5. Watch

  6. Balls to four

  7. Shipmate, which to the non enlisted person, you’d think it would mean co worker, fellow mate aboard this ship, but to those that served, we all actually know it translates roughly to douchebag.  As in  “Hey douchebag, what do you think you’re doing”?

8. Bulkhead, and deck.   As it relates to buildings that aren’t part of a ship, i.e. buildings….when you’re on land….especially in nowhere near an ocean, Illinois, those are walls and floors.    Walls…..and floors..

9. Black is blue….now, I passed my color blindness test in boot camp, I’m pretty sure I can tell the difference between black and blue…and that my friend is the color black. 

10.   I’m really sure there’s more, but ten would make a nice even number, wouldn’t it, it would make sense, but as this is relating to the Navy, nothing ever makes sense in the Navy so we’re leaving off at 9. 



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