Thoughts on Religion (this may offend you)


   I was at first going to leave this as just a tweet, but then the more I thought on it, the more I had to say.  I’ve been attending a church for the past few months, and for the first time today, in actually a long time I was legitimately offended.  In church, go figure.  I didn’t think it was possible for anything to offend me, other than maybe people that call the lead character of Doctor Who, or just straight up ignorant people, that’s it like two pet peeves, out of an infinite number of things that people can and will get offended over.  What had offended me, deeply, into my core was the subject of the talk today, that basically all religions, but Christianity have elements of truth to them, but basically are just false when you break it down.  Of course, the talk was then peppered at the end with a statement of, but that’s just my opinion, go and form your own truth (but really this is the right one). 

Now, I never grew up with religion.  I was aware of it sure, I went to a bible day care when I was, must have been five, maybe 6, most likely 7 or 8, where we made popsicle stick crosses and learned about Jesus and such, but that was the extent of it.  But faith was never really something discussed growing up.  I prayed for the most part, but that was it. 

In my twenties, I tried Wiccan out for a bit, didn’t really stick with me either, what did stick with me from all these experiences was that, it seemed like all the religions of the world had a small piece of a cosmic puzzle, and the actual truth out there is some combination of everything, there, to me is a higher power out there, I’ve experienced that much in my life, but all these books were written by men, thousands of years ago, with their own beliefs and ideas at the time, would explain why the book of Revelation has a lot of references to the Roman empire being taken down, because Christanity was going through a lot of troubles at their hands, and they wanted to see a comeuppance, and their beliefs to be shown true and for the days of persecution and enslavement to be over. 

  And of course there’s also the Christian appropriation of the pagan winter and spring holidays, that’s basically common knowledge by this point, but it’s kind of glossed over, like yeah that does mean that really, and that does too, but, Jesus’s birthday everyone!

I attended a legit church on a regular basis for the first time last year when my ex girlfriend took me to the church she goes to with her family, Vineyard church, and it was a different experience than I’d ever had before, the music was contemporary, the thoughts and beliefs that were spoken never came off too preachy and there was a sense of community that I fell in love with, and I looked forward to attending every Sunday.  

 Then in February of this year she got tired of my crap and broke up with me, and I haven’t attended that church since, but I did find another Vineyard church, convienently enough right across the street from my apartment complex, and I liked it again, the sense of community of being a good person, and  the big ‘g’ God felt like something that was good again. Until today anyway.  I’ve got friends with a lot of different beliefs, some believe in nothing at all, some believe in God, some put their beliefs into other gods that have since over the years turned to mythology and fiction, but their beliefs are strong nonetheless.   And to me, that’s okay, I believe what I believe and that to me is a good thing.  And to others, it’s your opinion, and that’s okay too.  I’m expected to believe that religion basically comes down to one of these things is not like the other, if you don’t choose right you’re going to hell?  No, I refuse to accept that that’s what it all comes down to.  

  My belief, when you really break it down is that there’s something out there, we have no idea what it is, it takes many faces, man, woman, well gender’s really irrelevant, but it makes this thought of this all powerful higher being a little less scary, that’s how I see it.  For all I know we all could be wrong, and afterwords when we die, it’ll be a whole new surprise, I’m hoping there’s something after this, because just the thought of this being it and then nothing is scary.  But not so scary that I’ll persecute or call someone out who believes that that they’re wrong.   So basically just be a good person, care about others, love your enemies, take the good things that Jesus may have said, and live your life, find what the truth is for you, because when it comes to stuff like this, this kind of truth is subjective.   If they’d said just that in church today I’d have been fine, and I wouldn’t be writing this now.  But then again, maybe that’s the lesson in this, who knows?



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