A look forward to 2014, cause retrospectives are so last year


   Ok, hello all, and happy New Year’s Eve.  This is actually the second draft, I’d just finished writing a very good, I think, retrospective and look forward to, in order, 2013, and 2014, but I’m not sure what happened, and all got deleted except for the last sentence, which is not good.  But let’s hope that I can re-do the magic as it were, and make this thing happen again.


    So, here we are once again, the end of one year, the start of a new one.   Another year older, another year…well perhaps not wiser, judging from the state of pop culture and politics, but that’s okay, this is a new year, or it will be in just 12 short hours from my perspective of time, and that’s a time to start fresh, a lot of people go through resolutions, and all this New Year, New Me nonsense.  Not that there’s anything wrong with change, to quote Matt Smith’s last lines as The Doctor,  We are all different people, all through or lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you have to keep moving, and that’s okay, that’s good, you have to keep moving, as long as you don’t forget the people that you used to be.   So start again, but don’t forget the past, the past is all lessons that you need or needed to go through to become the people you are now.  Don’t forget it.  I’m not one to get all philosophical but you don’t need to destroy everything you were to become who you are now, you are not Miley Cyrus.  Miley Cyrus shouldn’t be Miley Cyrus but that’s a whole other topic of discussion.


  Though while I’m on there, in the next year, please don’t pay attention so much to what she does, or what Phil Robertson believes in, none of those things affect you personally.  The only person that was truly affected by Miley’s twerking was I do believe Robin Thicke, the rest of us were just reacting, and being distracted from the overall bigger picture.  Which admittedly is a dark, bleak picture of a world where everyone and everything is either trying to kill you, doesn’t care about you, or both.  So let’s not focus on that too much, unless you wish to, and are trying to change things, and God bless those people that are, because it’s a very dark and scary thing, reality.   That’s my wish to you, if I get three wishes for the next year, which I’m writing this thing, so who’s to say I don’t.   And also, tying into my first wish for you,  have a great time tonight, enjoy yourselves, party, but do it smart, and come back home safe.  I’d like to think of you all, the few readers of this blog the world over, as friends and extended family, that I haven’t met yet or will never meet, depending on how the universe works things out.   But, be safe out there, is all I ask. 


  Now since I’m going with this three wishes motif, my second wish….is for me.  I want the San Francisco 49ers to win the NFC championship, and then the Super Bowl this year.  They came close last year, damn close, but they need to win this one.  For me.

  And my last wish, will be for the overall geek community, may we have an excellent year ahead of us with 3 Sherlock episodes, a handful of various comic book movies, including a new brilliant Captain America movie and The Guardians of the Galaxy, more geek friendly tv shows than I can possibly count, and 13 consecutive weeks of Doctor Who starting in August, a short break, and then the 2014 Christmas special, before we’re right back here again looking back on 2014.   Oh, and that Watch Dogs gets released at some point this year.  By the time it comes out I’ll have an XBOX- One to play it on it seems.    Happy New Year everyone.


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