Making The Juggernaut, a how to recipe for the most epic breakfast sandwich since the Mcgriddle

Good morning, well almost morning, well to those of you on the east coast of the United States anyway, and good proper morning to those further west, and Good Evening to those of you elsewhere in the wibbly wobbly timey wimey zones.  

Recently I decided to make breakfast, but I was tired of cereal, and wasn’t quite feeling cakes, of either the pan or wafflecake variety, but wanted something filling, and epic.  So, I made the sandwich you can see a picture of in the earlier post.  And it may just be the most delecious thing I’ve ever made, outside of bacon filled wafflecakes.   I’m not a greedy man, and decided to share with you how to make this unhealthy, but awesome (isn’t that how it usually works) sandwich.  Now first, things you will need:

 2 Eggs

  4 slices of cheese, (I prefer Velveeta Queso Blanco, but your cheese preference is yours and yours alone)

 3 strips of bacon

2 hashbrowns (I prefer deep frying them, but however you like to cook your hashbrowns is again, your choice)

and 2 slices of bread, but that goes without saying, doesn’t it. 

  Step 1: Fry up the three slices of awesomeness, er, bacon

  Step 2: As the last part of the bacon is cooking, heat up your hashbrowns in your desired method

 Step 3: When the hashbrowns are done, put a slice of cheese over each as you prepare your eggs

 Step 4: Place 2 slices of cheese onto the pan, then immediatly crack the eggs, and start scrambling them.  Sure most people put the eggs on first, then the cheese, but I like to make the cheese the base of the concoction, makes everything all melty and tasty.

 Step 5: Toast your bread

Step 6: (Assembly) Put the hashbrowns and cheese down first, breaking up some of the bacon and putting it on top, then add the cheesy eggs, and the remaining bacon on top.  Add any condiment you wish on there, but it’s not really necessary, and then the second slice of bread, smashing it down a bit so it doesn’t all fall out instantly.

  And in those six easy steps, you have made an awesome sandwich, that will most likely kill you if you overindulge in it’s eating, but most good things usually will, and enjoy.    

 Let me know if you’ve tried it, liked it, or even just like this entry, and if so I’ll do more recipes in the future.   Well, it’s time for me to get ready for work, so til next time, friends…


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