Defending the Adamantium Claws in X-Men: Days of Future Past,


  I’ve seen the latest X-Men film, X-Men:Days of Future Past three times thus far since it was released, so suffice to say I loved it.  There hasn’t been a movie that’s prompted such a strong reaction from me in a while.  I also saw Amazing Spider-Man 2 three times, but by the third time of that I was done with my interest in the film, for the time being, unlike X-Men, which has reawakened my passion for the characters, which has always been there, but just been in relapse mode, especially when compared to other  characters and comics like Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, or Spider-Man.    You can read my review of the film on here as well, but, you can already tell I loved the hell out of this movie.  Now, I did mention some flaws to the film earlier, and on the internet, as fans are want to do, there’s loads of speculation and complaint about certain flaws that the fans have picked out about the film,  but one in particular comes up the most I’ve seen, and that’s why does Wolverine have his Adamantium claws back in the future?


  You see, if you for whatever reason skipped out on seeing last summer’s The Wolverine because you either aren’t into comic book movies, or were burned badly by the last not so good Wolverine movie, by the end of the film, he had his Adamantium pulled from his bones by the villain of the film, not Magneto as the event happened in the comics. After which, in the post credits sequence we see Professor X and Magneto recruiting Wolverine to help them in their fight, setting up this latest mutant X-travaganza.  Now, between those events and where we pick up in the future in this film, it’s been a few years, to go from the world as we know it to the judgement day eque world ruled by Sentinels.  So in theory,  other adventures have happened between those two time frames, and he could have gotten his adamantium back in an infinite number of possibilities.  But the theory that came to my mind when watching the film this last time was something altogether different, and it has to do with the timing of the showing of the claws.  


   In the film, Wolverine doesn’t pop his claws in the future until he’s mind transported to the past in order to stop Mystique from killing Bolivar Trask at the Vietnam peace talks in 1973, after they stop her from killing him then, and then he sees the younger version of William Stryker, the head of the Weapon X program, or to be, head of the program I should say that will give him his claws and starts freaking out with flashbacks of the pain he went through in the process of getting the metal grafted to his bones.  His body in the future responds accordingly, popping metal claws, which they show close ups of twice.   


   Now it could be that they just showed them in closeup because it’s the only time we see them in the movie, and they wanted to make sure that we knew it was his metal claws and it looks cool.  But I think it has to do with the timing, like I said.  We don’t see the claws until after the future has been altered.  First timeline, Mystique kills Trask in 1973, gets captured and experimented on, where they take her DNA and other samplings of her, leading to the creation of the future Sentinels, and also I imagine the cold, calculating borderline mute Mystique as played by Rebecca Romijn in the first X trilogy, tramautized and scarred mentally from the experiments.

    That’s the timeline that The Wolverine film came from, so just by changing the way Trask dies, it changed that whole timeline, so the events of The Wolverine either didn’t happen or happened differently, either way Wolverine still has his Adamantium in the future.    Now, the whole future wasn’t yet changed, as we saw in the film, so it set things up to be their potentially Darkest Timeline had they failed in the past, but things were already changed.  And that was one of them.  So not an error of continuity, but rather a subtle bit of genius that few people caught on to, that’s how I see it at least.   


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