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My Worldview, An Essay

Hey guys, it’s been a while, like a long while.  Haven’t really had that spark of idea to write anything longer than a tweet or a facebook post, that wasn’t school related in a long time.  And this entry here, well it is something I initially wrote for school, for my World Religion class a few minutes ago, and I really like it, and hopefully some of you will as well.  I had to write an essay explaining my worldview, and I had fun writing it, and hopefully you enjoy reading it and it maybe helps some of you think.   Well, without further adieu, here it is.

My Worldview, An Essay.

The world it seems, is growing more divided every day just as quickly as technology seems to be bringing us together.  These people hate these other people for believing in something different than they do, and these other people hate a third group of people for the same reason.  Or if it’s not their beliefs, it’s because they look different, or love someone that’s not what this group of people believes is right.  And while two out of three of the groups agree that this other group is wrong, they hate on yet another group.   Which despite what they may believe, is actually against their initial doctrines, as they were intended to be used for in the past when they were created or happened.

There is however, a solution to all these problems, all this hate that these groups from these different worldviews believe.  And it’s one that they may not take lightly.  It may be a big leap of faith, but I sincerely believe that, much like the Hindu’s many differing creation stories for the universe that are all simultaneously true, everyone’s differing believes are all true.  In that, these differing world religions, which, as of only being a third of the way through this course, I’m no expert on, but I believe that all these differing systems, and ways of life, are mere shards of a greater picture, pieces of a cosmic puzzle that most haven’t even begun to see is even there.

I’m not even just talking on a faith based aspect here, I mean all knowledge in general.  From science to faith is all connected, and that connection is knowledge.  I speak from experience here, I’ve seen some strange things in my time, things that some believe in and some scoff in.  I’ve experienced ghosts, I’ve seen UFOs, even experienced real life magic, and not talking of the David Blaine kind either.  So I know that there is far more to this world that can ever be put down in a single book or doctrine.  Like I said, it’s all pieces of a grand design.  A much farther grand design than one can even comprehend.

This worldview that I’ve lived with has been shown to me to be the more true aspect of any higher based faith that I’ve seen, or learned about.  And what I’ve learned thus far in this class enhances that worldview a thousandfold.  It really seems that, most of the world’s religions can be traced back to a single man.  And these men, were good men, with good ideas and viewpoints on the world, and how to act and treat one another.  And people listened to these men, and believed in these men and what they stood for, and groups formed around them, basically cults, to really break it down.  And these men spoke, and acted, and lived, and in time more people began to follow them.  And then eventually, these men died, as all men do someday, and then their words, and ideas became scripture and ideology.  Canon.

And so what was once a group of people, turned into a cult, transformed a third time into religion.  And then as the years passed on, grew bigger, and bigger, and each of these groups, which all sprung from the ideas and deeds of good men, each decided that their religion was the true religion, and all others myths and stories, or worse false idols that must be punished and these other groups converted into the religion and view point of truth, which of course was whoever had the bigger army.    Thus begat conflict into the world, and these wars have existed since the dawn of that time, and onward into the future, as the world grew bigger, and people traveled to new lands, and discovered there were people there as well, who also had a belief system, and those people needed to be converted to the newcomer’s truths as well.   And further conflict and strife still came from that.  All this hate, death, destruction, in the name of religions that were initially based on love.

Which truly leads me to believe that there is no one capital ‘T’ Truth out there, but that everyone throughout history got the one nugget of truth in all the myriad of truths out there, and that is love.  Care for your fellow man, even if they look different, or believe different, or speak different, we’re all human.  We all came from the same place initially, and in the end our bodies all end up in the same place, it’s what we do here, in this life, that we can make a difference.

And this affects my point of view about things in that I just try to be a good person, and help others when I can, because I know that one day I’ll need help.  Even if it’s something as small as lending a cigarette to someone who needs it.  I know I’m not perfect, I do make mistakes, and I’ve probably sinned across so many different religion’s practices that I’d be doomed to a multitude of different hells across the faiths.  But I know that my heart is most times in the right place, and that’s really all anyone can ask.

In conclusion, you may be thinking right now what is this big picture that humanity isn’t seeing yet? And to answer that, all I can say is I don’t know.  No one may ever truly know.  It’s one of those mysteries of life like what is the sound of one hand clapping?  Or how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?  But if we as a whole would just take a step back from what we believe to be true and look at one another as brothers and sisters rather than as enemies, the world would be a better place.


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