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Hey guys, those of you who still read this thing despite my often sporadic posts at least.  My bad on that, I think George R.R. Martin is a more consistent writer than me.  For anyone of you who’s like me, who’s a geek, who’s into fitness, bettering yourself, and just geek culture in general be sure to check out and follow my new blog, on my site,   That I just started this morning.

There will be more regular content there, covering, the aforementioned, fitness, nutrition, geek culture, and who knows what else.   If anyone out there has an idea, or just wants to write about a certain area,  or just a one time thing,contact me. I want this to be a place that can be a place where people of a like minded geeky nature can read about new things, funny things, interesting things, life as a geek things.   I hope to see you all there, and, to bring back a catch phrase from my online film critic days, til next time be sure to keep it Reel.


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